Thursday, February 25, 2010

At a Weird Place...Again.

For two months I have been blogging at a different blogspot for a friend/author. Today that part time paid position ended. Once again, I have to ask myself - "Now what?"
I have also been reading/reviewing/writing at and have gotten very good reviews of my submissions. My submissions consisted of two short stories: "Almost Dead" and "My Best Friend Pain."
Both are true stories of events in my life.
My next sub. will be my first fictional story titled, "The Truth About Monsters." It's a children's story and I can't wait to see what kind of reception it gets.
A large children's book publishing company had it in December. The owner and his marketing department loved it, but the book distributers are not accepting any books right now. So that's on hold.
I have an interview tomorrow morning with a national corporation and I'm hoping it goes very well. I need this position in order to provide for my two beautiful children.
Vinisha said it very well in her poem; we need to keep our promise to take life one day at a time.
I really have no choice right now. Actually, I have to take one moment at a time.

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  1. Good Luck to you! And never stop having faith. It's the most important thing.