Friday, June 18, 2010

HOT! Africa HOT!

It's about a hundred and two today. Not bad really. Considering that it will probably reach 110 next week here in Scottsdale.
Sitting at the computer in this heat and trying to write is ridiculous. Unless you're already a successful author and you can afford to have your AC pumping cold air all day long. I'm not and I can't.
Speaking of not being successful ... I have a terrific children's book on the market now that I worked my ass off to get published and the only one I've sold was the one I bought.
I have sent notices to all friends and family and not one person has ... oh wait ... my cousin Cathi in San Diego did try to buy it and got hung up in the purchase at Amazon and I guess gave up.
I don't get it. I was always a good boy, "a nice little boy" who was good to everyone. I must have done something pretty awful. No one gives a damn.
Friends and family have always asked me to support their work and I always have. Where is the reciprication? WHERE IS THE LOVE!
I would understand if the book sucked, but it really is good. The people who have read it and the children in my son's first grade class loved it. So...what the hell?
I know. I'm ranting. I told you it was hot.
I gotta go stand in a cold shower.

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