Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Need to Communicate.

                                     "A day without writing is like a day without sunshine."

And a day without seeing my children is like a day without oxygen.
This was one of the happiest moments in my life.
The other moments are the times that I get to spend with these two angels.
They are everything to me and my life revolves totally around them and what I can do
to see to their care and happiness.
They are the main characters in a children's book I have recently submitted for publishing. I can't tell you how much happiness I get from writing stories about them.

    I have a website, besides this blog, that I have posted some of my material on. The writing isn't hard for me. To paraphrase Descarte; "I write, therefore I am..." I write in my head all day, a big part of the day anyway (I can't help it - all my thoughts are dramatized and phrased for the page) and I try to put it down every couple of days. The hard part is entering it into the sites to share with others. But I'm getting the hang of it.
    I wish that I could just sit here and spew it all out for you here. I know you would enjoy the read. But I have to be concerned about the business ends as well as the artistic ends, so I can't just give it away.
I have one short story ("Almost Dead") on Triggerstreet.com and that is getting fair to very good reviews. Getting ready to post another ("My Best Friend Pain") there soon.
    I am waiting to hear back from a publisher regarding the children's book ("The Truth About Monsters"). My fingers are crossed for a deal.
    I have just begun this blog and I have to learn how to "get it out there."
If you read this, please leave a comment and let me know someone is seeing it.
Oh...you can go to the site (still building) http://scottsdaleonlinereadingroom.yolasite.com/ to read some of the beginnings of my writing.

                                                    Thanks for listening. See you in the hall.


  1. You know what they say, if all you can think about is writing, then you are a writer!


  2. Vinisha - sorry about getting back to you late. Real busy with my my two beauties, writing at Triggerstreet.com,and my other blog at rayray-thedailyreader.blogspot.com
    I guess I'm a writer - I can't stop putting all of my thoughts into story form and I get new ideas to write about everyday.
    Talk to you soon - gotta go get my two at school.